Earthkeeping – Orchard Gardens

Holy Cross Lutheran Church



We are the Holy Cross Lutheran Church of Bellevue Washington.  Welcome to our Earthkeeping Blog.  Our group was formed about a year ago to address concerns of our group.  We wanted to use our orchard, learn about urban hunger and help our neighborhood,

Mission: We are called as part of God’s creation to be caring people, to live in harmony with the environment and to take thoughtful action as humble stewards and effective leaders individually, within our faith community, our neighborhood and throughout the region and world.
Objectives: We are focusing on four areas: Worship, Education, Holy Cross Life and Outreach
1. Worship: in coordination with the Pastor, incorporate earth and creation consciousness into worship on a consistent basis by bringing creation elements into worship and taking worship outside whenever possible; reduce use of paper by continuing to use “seasonal” bulletins.
2. Education: create a climate of learning about care for and stewardship of the environment for all ages using Sunday Forums, worship, special community events, newsletters, HCLC website, books and book reviews, etc.
3. Improve the management of waste and recycling in coordination with all campus members.
4. Continue to use less energy, earth-friendly cleaning products and fewer disposable items in our approach to our campus life and work to adopt a “re-use, recycle or reduce” approach to all supplies; include Fair Trade coffee purchasing.
5. Find ways to encourage all to participate regularly or from time-to-time on various food growing projects with the P-patchers and orchard workers as workers or hosts; create a feeling of inclusiveness with education efforts and community events.
6. Identify issues that will call on us to write letters or e-mails, give speeches, hold events, or otherwise connect us to the greater issues of the environment as they relate to social justice, hunger and the preservation of indigenous people; connect our community to the bigger picture so we can see ourselves as part of the solution by focusing on specific advocacy efforts.
7. Outreach: Collaborate with Holy Cross and local community to create a robust Jubilee Country Fair that would include worship, booths, games, baking contests, cider making, music and more in celebration of our 50 years as a community called by God and living out God’s ongoing purpose for us.


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Congratulations on your new site.

  2. Thank you to Ingrid and Lee for getting this blog started. This is another chapter in our collaborating with our community to have fun while caring for the earth and each other!!!!

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