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City Council Changes Ordinances

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From the City of Bellevue Website:

Council Roundup: Getting electric cars charged up

The City Council on Monday approved changes to the city’s land use code that smooth the way for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations at homes, businesses and other locations.

Starting Feb. 14, charging stations will be allowed in the same places where parking, gas stations and auto repair and maintenance services are found. The ordinance allows charging stations at both single-family houses and apartment buildings. Battery exchange stations are approved at gas stations and auto repair locations.

Updating the regulations is timely because the first mass-produced electric cars are hitting the market and Bellevue expects an uptick in interest about charging stations at homes and businesses. Previously, the city’s land-use code did not mention charging stations.

A permit is required to install a charging station, even those for private use at home. Permit information is available at the Development Service Center on the first floor of City Hall. Permits can also be obtained online at;


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