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Earth Day at Lake Boren Park

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Earth Day at New Castle Lake Boren Park – By Jan Starr. (Saturday May 23rd)

When I heard about the New Castle Earth Day celebration at Lake Boren I was excited and wanted to be a participant. Here was a wonderful opportunity to mingle with others and share ways to celebrate and heal the Earth
I have lived close to Lake Boren for years and enjoyed frequent walks there. This was earth day, why not walk. I packed my Red Radio Flyer wagon with small plants, a portable garden to raffle, some small water bottle piggy planters along with soil and seed s for kids to plant. I was assigned a display table with my friend Robin Bentley of Sustainable Bellevue and her husband Sean. We took turns welcoming people to our table and strolling by the other table displays, meeting neighbors and gathering material about living green. It was the most beautiful sunny day we had had all spring.
Moms and dads, kids and dogs strolled in the park this sunny Saturday. An Easter egg hunt for the kids, electric cars for dads and all kinds of gardening information as well as ideas on how to live greener were available at the many displays. My son’s old yellow toy truck sat on our tab was a big draw for little boys. All children were drawn to the piggy planter, a plastic bottle with cork legs cut out for a planter. Under my supervision the kids tenderly put little fingers in the soil to make a small hole, then placed a pumpkin seed and covered lightly with soil. They were happy when I told them they could take the pig home. I asked them “what will you need to do to help this seed grow?” Without missing a beat, they said “water and sunshine. “
There were smiles on every face, even the dogs. Let’s make every day Earth Day.

Earth Day
Earth Day


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