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Summer Garden News

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By Janet F.

Things are really happening at the Holy Cross Orchard and the Orchard Garden.

Food delivery to Hopelink’s food bank in Bellevue has begun. We have some beautiful lettuce, chard, garlic and other goodies. Also, the apples are coming along and there was a work party to place footies on the emerging apples to keep them organically safe from the pests. It was a rainy and cold day but a handful of faithful folks came and Rick and Ramat have been continuing to place footies on the quicky growing fruit over the past 10 days as well. There is so much fruit! We are already looking forward to the apple pies we’ll be sharing at the Jubilee Country Fair on September 11 – all are welcome!

Ramat, Jan, Rick, Todd, Kimberly and Janet all took part in a project for Holly House, one of the homes for otherwise homeless women on the eastside. They were interested in having a garden of their own so sod was removed, the boxes built and on Saturday, 6/26, soil and plants were added. The women are excited about growing food and we all know that growing food together grows community. A warm welcome to Holly House into the family of local growers!
Holly House

Holly House


One thought on “Summer Garden News

  1. Thanks for sharing what wonderful things happening at Holy Cross!

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