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Great ways to use vegetables

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In an article in the Seattle Times dated 7/25/11 entitled “Food swaps that fight belly fat: Don’t eat less eat smarter”, they’ve got some great tips on how to use vegetables. A couple of my favorites: Use zucchini slices in place of lasagne noodles – cuts down on calories and tastes great. (I’m going to try it, I’ve got 5 zucchini in my refrigerator). Another one – use avacados instead of butter in cookie recipes. Tastes just fine (surprising) and it’s a better kind of fat. How about you – do you have any great tips for using more veggies? Leave your tips in the comments section.


One thought on “Great ways to use vegetables

  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing! We’ve substituted applesauce for vegetable oil when we recently made banana bread. Works great! Janet

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