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Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Fall Gardening at Orchard Gardens (Our P-Patch)

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The days are rapidly getting shorter. The temperature doesn’t rise above 65, and we have periods of rain. Yes, fall is here. Yet, in the garden, there is still lots going on. Yesterday, I harvested carrots that I planted a couple of months ago. I had a good amount of cherry tomatoes and basil. I got 5 yellow onions and a couple of small zucchini. I made the decision to dig up my zucchini plants as they had just about stopped producing.

The broccoli plants that I planted 1.5 months ago are growing well. I fertilized them with blood meal as recommended (it makes them grow fast) and it had the added advantage of keeping the bunnies from eating them. My brussel sprouts are doing fine. I harvested some and they were delicious! It is interesting how they grow, a large plant with big leaves, but the sprouts grown on the stalk. It is possible to just cut off the amount you want to eat immediately and the plant will keep growing.

Fall cleanup is important in the garden. Remove all diseased material and place in the city yard waste bins rather than the compost pile. The city yard waste is heated to a much higher level than our compost pile and this kills the bacteria and fungi.


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