Earthkeeping – Orchard Gardens

Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Garden Work Party Jan 28th 10-2

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Work Party January 28, Saturday, 10-2 .
The plans for the day are to decide what to do in  the common area,  which we hope to have as our herb and flower garden.  Bring your ideas, what you would like to see there and we can begin some prep work for that. 
We have plenty of bark we can spread where needed. 
In addition, we plan to put finishing touches on a tool shed!  Yes, we are cleaning out a tool shed by the barn that has been collecting junk over the years.  We are working on hauling away the junk and then we will have an area to hang garden tools.  We will provide a combination lock so that each of you will be able to store tools and use what is available. 
And of course, we will have food.  If you want to bring something to share please do.  I will  make a large pot of chilli.
There is  wood, mostly plywood  and paint in the shed.  If you are looking for any of those items, let me know.


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