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Another February Orchard Pruning Party with Good Food, Fun and Fellowship!

On Feb. 25, a dozen volunters headed out to the Holy Cross Orchard for a great day of shaping up the apple trees! We were lucky that the snow and rain were absent between 10AM and 2PM. Way to thread that weather needle!

Volunteers included members of the Church of Steadfast Love at the Compass Center in Seattle, Holy Cross members, Orchard Gardens P-Patchers and other community volunteers! Volunteers were well fed with homemade food for breakfast and lunch!

Over the past 3 years, we have gradually taken down the height of the apple trees to concentrate fruit growing to the lower limbs for easier picking. We’ve identified all the apples (see a prior blog) and we are now actively seeking individuals who want to adopt-a-tree! If this sounds intriguing, contact Janet at

Additionally, Roger brought out a mason bee house so that both the orchard and the P-Patches would be well-pollinated ;–)

All in all a great day. Check out the pictures



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