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Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Apple Picking- Summer 2012

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Transparent Apples Are the Stars of the Weekend!

Nearly 300 pounds of fresh beautiful yellow apples were harvested on Saturday, July 25th at Holy Cross Orchard Gardens. Transparents are the earliest of the orchard’s apples and the crop is very hearty this year. Six volunteers from the Orchard Garden P-Patch, Holy Cross and Aldersgate joined to climb the trees and bring in the fruit. We will be thrilled to bring the bulk of this harvest to Hopelink’s Foodbank next week. Transparent apples are sweet for eating and great for applesauce too. All pickers went home with a large bag of beautiful fruit!

Transparent apples are an heirloom apple, first brought to this country in  1870 from Europe.  They were popular because they were a very early variety of apple.

There will be more fruit picking events over the summer and into fall. If you’re interested in helping pick fruit for yourself and the food bank, please contact Janet, Orchard Co-Coordinator at


Transparent apples ready for delivery to the food bank


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