Earthkeeping – Orchard Gardens

Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Ample Harvest Event at Furney’s this weekend

Leave a comment – connecting backyard growers with local food banks/pantries

This 501C3 connects local gardeners with excess produce with food banks/pantries that would love to have fresh produce for their patrons. Here’s the website:
www.ampleharvest.orgThey are also coming to Seattle on Sept. 15 at Furney’s Nursery in Des Moines (21215 International Blvd.) for a full day (and FREE) food festival from 9AM to 4PM. Flyer attached.

Speakers include former Galloping Gourmet Graham Kerr on Gardening at the Speed of Life at 10AM;’s founder Gary Oppenheimer on No Food Left Behind at Noon; and Seattle Urban Farm’s Colin McCrate and The Creative Gardener’s Sue Goetz on Growing a Greener World at 2PM.

Share the info with friends. All are welcome.


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