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Holy Cross Lutheran Church


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The Plums Are Arriving at the Orchard at Holy Cross – report from Aug. 25, 2012

This is our third year tending this heirloom orchard and we are so surprised by the abundant plum crop. We haven’t seen this before!

This past Saturday, we surveyed and began to pick the four varieties of plums we observed.The raspberry-colored plums share tree stock with some golden plums and this makes for a beautiful little tree. We had thought we only had the deep purple Italian plums, but we find a total of four types this year.

But plums are very fragile and need to be eaten or refrigerated immediately. They are sweet and irresistible though. Sampling whlie picking is fun.

You have opportunities to join us to pick fruit on Sept. 22 from 10AM to noon. We pick to share fresh organic produce with Bellevue’s HopeLink food bank, but pickers go home with fruit too!

For more information and to volunteer, contact Janet at


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