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Cider Making Event

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On October 5, 2013 the skies opened up blue and warm and the community gathered for an apple event. Girl Scouts picked apples, washed apples, cut apples, pressed apples and enjoyed the cider in a variety of jugs they had brought. Other community members brought kids, friends and family and about 100 folks got into the mix of picking, washing, cutting, pressing and heating the apple cider. All in all, about 1000 pounds of apples were washed, cut, pressed and pasteurized.

We figure there may have been 50-60 gallons of cider made for the 100 folks who came out. Many, many happy faces throughout the day to enjoy the delicious taste of fresh apple cider! A few P-Patchers from Orchard Gardens had brought home made goods to sell as a fundraiser for the work of an Eagle Scout-to-be to expand our growing capacity on the Holy Cross campus.

Thanks to the City of Bellevue for the beautiful banner and flyers and to Charlie’s product for augmenting what our orchard could produce to make sure there were plenty of apples for all. Thanks to the community for bringing about 80 lbs. of nonperishable food for Hopelink food bank and contributing about $60 to the Food Backpack Program for hungry kids.

Be sure to block out the first Saturday of October 2014 when we do it all again!

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Apple Picking

Apple Picking


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