Earthkeeping – Orchard Gardens

Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Updates Around the Garden

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Did you know that Marty Jackson (Linda) recently won a prize at the Mercer Island Visual Arts Miniature art display in April? He created elegant small boxes. Also, Farida, an Orchard Gardens friend, displayed several works of art at MIVA also. She paints lovely flowers and hummingbirds.

We had a blessing of our P-patch Sunday by Pastor Gary Dalenius. Thanks to Rahmat, Rostom,Cyd, for your for your presence on this cold blustery spring day. Each gardener is an amazing blessing.

One of our gardeners, Nicole, recently ran the Boston Marathon! Way to go, girl!

There are so many interesting things taking place in the garden including little fences and barriers. The p-patch is a little laboratory,a great place to learn what is effective against our little pesties.

Lots of lovely little rows of green are appearing in the garden!
Several gardeners have done wonderful things in the herb garden. It is absolutely gorgeous. A little infection in our kiwi, think it was Edna, has been treated quickly and effectively. Thanks to Linda for taking on this effort.

This last weekend, May 17th, a team of Stanford Alumni and families, gathered to work in the orchard. Cardboard and compost was put down around the base of 24 trees, which will help enrich the soil, and keep down the grass around the trees.


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