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Orchard Looking for Orchard Stewards

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We are partnering with City Fruit ( to bring some substantive training to a select group of people who would like to deepen their knowledge of fruit tree care and become orchard stewards for this heirloom orchard.

We are looking for a dozen people who would coordinate the monthly care of the trees with neighborhood volunteers.  Can you spend 4-8 hours per month, helping to care for this lovely heirloom orchard?

Here is an overview of what the trees generally need over the year:

January – winter pruning
February – winter pruning
March – winter pruning, begin to watch for blossoms, pollinators, insects
April – continue to monitor conditions
May – pest prevention
June – monitor whether trees need water thru the summer, insect prevention, some fruit thinning
July – apple and plum picking, orchard hygiene
August – fruit picking, orchard hygiene, summer pruning
September – cider event, fruit picking, orchard hygiene
October – fruit picking, orchard hygiene
November – final orchard hygiene prior to dormant period
December – rest

To apply, send an email to                                                                         



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