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Build a compact, portable garden out of a very simple article- a straw bale.

This article in the Seattle Times describes how you can easily use a straw bale to garden in unlikely spots. It’s biodegradable, weed free (mostly) and mud free.

And, if you’re not convinced, here is another article in the New York Times. This one discusses, among other things, where to buy a straw bale in the middle of New York City!


The Seattle Times reports that a roof top garden (p-patch) is being established on the top deck of the Seattle Center Mercer St. Parking garage. Way to go!


Essential Bread Blog
Local eating blog – harvest more from your urban space. Local Seattle gardener tells us about eating from our own urban landscape. Ideas for using rose hips, zucchini, squirrel, and more.
This blog was featured in a Seattle Times article, including a video about cooking Squirrel Risotto. Seattle Times Article

IT TOOK A sculptor to dream up a 3D vertical system to grow more plants in less space, and a foodie-farmer type to make sure it really works. Deloss Webber, originator of the Vee Garden, is an artist, chef and entrepreneur as well as an environmentalist who fashioned all parts of his efficient system from repurposed and recycled materials.

When a developer cut down hundreds of trees above Webber's Kirkland property a couple of years ago, he lost privacy but gained light. "I love the saying, 'Barn's burnt down, now I can see the moon,' " says Webber, who took advantage of all that new open sky by setting in to grow food.

Seattle Times Article

Wondering what to do with your garden now that the summer harvest is reaching it’s peak? Can we still grow more vegetables?
Seattle Tilth
Here’s another link to a nice article about backyard wildlife, native planting and how they increase your property value.


Check out this article from WordPress – 7 food blogs to follow this summer

Food Blog Article


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